Hiking in Heidal

The nature in and around Heidal offers many great hiking opportunities.

The tour descriptions here are taken from the tour guide published by Heidal idrettslag.

The hiking guide is part of the hiking signage project in Heidal, under the auspices of Heidal Idrettslag. The hiking signage project is a national signage and marking project in which theGjensidige Foundation and the county authorities jointly providefinancial support for marking, signage and information measures linked to hiking routes.


Kvernbu and Stålane

Kvernsteinberget to Vardhøe

Høgsætrin and Mugsætrin


Heidal IL has also received support from Sparebankstiftelsen DNB, the landowner teams at Stålane and Kvernbru, cultural funds from Sel municipality, as well as from the GD fund.

The working group in the tourist sign project in Heidal has consisted of 12 people. In addition, volunteers from Heidal have put in a enormous effort to plan, inform, clear, mark, signpost and and putting up signs.

A big thank you also to benevolent landowners.

The tours that are signposted are scattered throughout the village. They are are varied tours, both in length and difficulty.

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Heidal IL:

We hope you enjoy the hiking guide and the many great hiking areas in Heidal.

Have a great trip!

The right of public access/custom and usage:

  • You can travel freely in the wilderness on foot.
  • Free movement must not cause harm or inconvenience to others, or to plant and animal life.
  • Show consideration for the outdoor industries.
  • Do not disturb animals and birds.
  • All game is protected with the exception of legal hunting.
  • Close the gate behind you.

Please note:

  • All travel at your own risk
  • In case of accidents, call 112 or 113